February 27, 2022



Keith Roger
Jay Bowcott

Every Saturday and Sunday

Come on down and listen to some great music and indulge in waffles, eggs Bennie and more!

Jay Bowcott and Keith Rodger are pickin’ and grinnin’ and strumming and singin’ some top shelf bluegrass for ya’ll.   After realizing they’d both independently spent the pandemic gig slump feverishly devouring the root-scootin’ sounds and stylings of bluegrass music, these two familiar local sights have are takin’ a whole hearted run at blowin’ the lid off the place via the endlessly versatile vehicles of the music of Bill Monroe, Tony Rice,  Billy Strings, Norman Blake and whole lot more you might not expect to find so fitting in a place and time like this.  Jay Bowcott: It’s the sounds of honestly and hard work, a particularly Albertan brand of honest heartfelt songwriting that finds its roots in Blues, Folk, and Classic Rock and Roll. Jay Bowcott currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. He has been hard at it in the music scene for over 12 years touring Canada a number of times over the years and slugging out a living with his guitar within Alberta.  He has been called one of Alberta’s hardest working musicians carving out a living by bringing music to the people www.jaybowcott.com  Keith Rodger: Keith Rodger used to play bass in that band, he still do, but he used to, too.  He also writes and interprets quirky country and folk tunes on a variety of instruments, in an attempt to channel some kind of imagined yet still thoroughly disowned mutant progeny of John Prine, Blaze Foley, Harry Nilsson and someone with a really good drummer.   Keith has spent much of his past, and continues to spend most of his presence playing bass and other supportive instruments for OQO, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, Boots and the Hoots, The Red Hot Hayseeds, Nathan M. Godfrey, Jeremy Gignoux Ensemble and many more, which has very little bearing on the show he’s probably just trying to get you to come to through any means possibleWho knows, you might even like it!